Cup of tea after a LONG day :S

The day started out as normal for a Tuesday, going to a 4N meeting (Castleford at the Birchwood Arms) except today i was doing my first 4sight on my underwater photography. I then met with the Miss Scuba South Yorkshire dream team to discuss a few shoot with them and former Miss Universe (as youContinue reading “Cup of tea after a LONG day :S”

Shooting with Swimtime swimming classes in July

Very happy to say that after my meeting and pool shoot at South Milford Hotel I’m going to be doing a days underwater shoot with them in the next couple of  months as well as doing other work with them in the future.  A very productive meeting. Thanks to Sam for meeting up and lookContinue reading “Shooting with Swimtime swimming classes in July”

How to shoot underwater fashion and swimwear -part 2

Something really important to think about is the position of the light source in relation to the lens.  If you have c it too close to the lens you can get a thing called backscatter. Here is the dictionary definition of backscatter. So in other words, backscatter is an underwater version of cats eyes. MuckContinue reading “How to shoot underwater fashion and swimwear -part 2”

How to shoot underwater fashion and swimwear – part 1

My first commercial underwater shoot was with Sandstorm Luxury Swimwear at a pool in Skipton (Rendezvous Hotel). It was also the largest shoot as far as logistics were concerned (up to 20 models / beauty pageant nominees in total). It was also my first shoot using an underwater strobe (flash gun). Before this shoot IContinue reading “How to shoot underwater fashion and swimwear – part 1”