Wedding day a year ago -always book a professional for your wedding photography


A year ago yesterday we got married. How time flys. I love the photographs from our wedding shot by Tom Poultney Photography and his assistant.

It always makes it easier to create great natural images when you get on and trust your photographer.

Always remember that your wedding days is one of the big days of your life. Try avoid leaving it to friends and family to take “snaps” of your day.

Us professionals know how to orchestrate the day in a way that makes the photography side as painless as possible. My average for group shots that are requested by couples down to between 10 and 20 mins as long as everyone plays along.

So when your planning your day, give a professional a call. You might be surprised how discrete and out of your face that we can be.

When I shoot a wedding I’m not only a photographer; I’m also an usher, wedding planner, coordinator, time keeper, goofer, assistant and a general dogs body as well.

“Keep smiling and keep diving”
“I shoot people for a living – what’s your super power”

“Keep smiling and keep diving!”
Tim Los Photography Yorkshire