Mobileography -top 10 tips from the Telegraph newspaper

Here is a link to 10 tips to better mobile photography -I thought it might be helpful to those that attended my 4sight at Batley 4N on Friday. “Keep smiling and keep diving!” Tim Los Photography Yorkshire Leeds

Cup of tea after a LONG day :S

The day started out as normal for a Tuesday, going to a 4N meeting (Castleford at the Birchwood Arms) except today i was doing my first 4sight on my underwater photography. I then met with the Miss Scuba South Yorkshire dream team to discuss a few shoot with them and former Miss Universe (as youContinue reading “Cup of tea after a LONG day :S”

Shooting with Swimtime swimming classes in July

Very happy to say that after my meeting and pool shoot at South Milford Hotel I’m going to be doing a days underwater shoot with them in the next couple of  months as well as doing other work with them in the future.  A very productive meeting. Thanks to Sam for meeting up and lookContinue reading “Shooting with Swimtime swimming classes in July”

Wedding preview – Graham and Hazel

If you were one of the lucky ones to share the special day of Hazel and Graham at the Cedar Court in Harrogate the folder of their images are at the following link: Graham and Hazel’s Wedding photography folder by Tim Los Photography If you can not use that link please go to http:// http://www.timlos.comContinue reading “Wedding preview – Graham and Hazel”

4networking @ Wakefield breakfast

We had a great meeting Friday. Lots attended and we had a great 4sight about animal healing. I’ll add the speakers name on here when I get her business card out of folder(but i do remember her furry business assistant was called “Bear” and is a champion show dog (that was to clarify i amContinue reading “4networking @ Wakefield breakfast”

Drone -New to the Tim Los Photography fleet of tech

Yep, after many years of thinking about it and researching it I have finally gone and purchased a drone for doing FPV (First Person View) Aerial Photography. I had a massive dilemma on my hands, do I go BIG to hold my pro DSLR and look to fork out thousands, go small and then haveContinue reading “Drone -New to the Tim Los Photography fleet of tech”

Fashion shoot with Tim Los Photography in Skipton

Just a quick note to say I had a great time this weekend shooting Vikki, a total beginner. Her boyfriend Sam has bought her a gift voucher for a sitting and she decided to go down the edgy fashion route for photographs. See attached For more info go to