Drone -New to the Tim Los Photography fleet of tech





Yep, after many years of thinking about it and researching it I have finally gone and purchased a drone for doing FPV (First Person View) Aerial Photography.

I had a massive dilemma on my hands, do I go BIG to hold my pro DSLR and look to fork out thousands, go small and then have to upgrade in the future (I’ve been flying small drones for years) or go for the middle ground. Also do I scratch build to keep cost down or go for a custom bit of kit RTF (Ready to fly).

I’ve been using RC models for years, both cars, trucks, boats, small planes, gliders, large planes and helicopters. Of all the things I’ve had as models the helicopters have scared me the most.

I’ve found the transition into medium to large Drone surprisingly easy. I’ve been flying the new drone (a Yuneec Q500) for just over a week now, I’ve had 10 flights all averaging about 25 mins each and shot photos and videos through out.

The GPS stabilisation is amazing and although I had trouble with getting GPS locks on the model at first I now have it well and truly cracked.

My plan is to take aerial photographs all around Yorkshire of landscapes and rural and country landscapes and be able to eventually offer them for sale once I have a flying license appropriate for commercial use.

So keep your eyes peeled for more photos and videos been uploaded in the next months as I shoot more and I promise not to drone on too much about my new love 🙂

“Keep smiling and keep diving!”
Tim Los Photography Yorkshire