Got my first potential long term booking via WordPress

That’s right,  today I got a call from a company interested in working with me and it came via WordPress posts I have made. It came about because I listed well on Google because of SEO from WordPress and Twitter. I’ve been working hard to post relevant stuff since the new year (rather than catsContinue reading “Got my first potential long term booking via WordPress”

Wedding preview – Graham and Hazel

If you were one of the lucky ones to share the special day of Hazel and Graham at the Cedar Court in Harrogate the folder of their images are at the following link: Graham and Hazel’s Wedding photography folder by Tim Los Photography If you can not use that link please go to http:// http://www.timlos.comContinue reading “Wedding preview – Graham and Hazel”

Our wedding anniversary

A year ago yesterday me and my dear wife Rebecca tied the knot in Rufforth (east York). It was an amazing day and the most relaxed I’ve been at a wedding in over 10 years of professional work. Why was I relaxed I might hear you ask? Well I was marrying the one person IContinue reading “Our wedding anniversary”

Wedding photography completly shot on a drone – no photographer present

Surely this can’t be true.  Although the concept i must admit would be pretty awesome. I’ve heard there is a wedding photographer out there somewhere who shoots his weddings on his drone and can operate the whole thing from his computer at home. So he isn’t even at the wedding. Just his drone! Would completlyContinue reading “Wedding photography completly shot on a drone – no photographer present”

Christy Lee Rogers’ underwater spells

Originally posted on Observatory Mansions:
Photographer Christy Lee Rogers creates wondrous underwater scenes of utter beauty, where seemingly choreographed entanglements of bodies and drapes weightlessly float in a muffled yet lush universe that brims with unbounded sensual energies. For the sensual rendering of the fleshes, the bright coalescing colours and the dramatic lighting, Rogers’ work has…

Karen and Davood Engaged!! | Los Angeles, CA

Originally posted on +++ CHI CHAN PHOTOGRAPHY +++:
Karen contacted us at the end of January for a underwater engagement session to go with their Island Wedding in November 2015. These photos were taken in a heated pool in winter time 🙂 Underwater Session is always fun, we enjoy every moment we holding our camera underwater !!

Boom -apparently my stats are up

Thanks to some tips from #Socialsam at the 4networking meeting in East Leeds last Friday, I found out that in order to help improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) I need to post more, make more use of #hashtags and write about things people might want to read about (do cats in hats not countContinue reading “Boom -apparently my stats are up”

Bridge Inn, Walshford – 4networking meeting (every fortnight)

Here is the venue (image taken from their website). Maybe an opportunity to see if they would like their website images updated whilst im up their for the next networking meeting? If you’d like an invite along to the next meeting let me know and I’ll add you to the invite list. #bridgeinn #walshford #wetherbyContinue reading “Bridge Inn, Walshford – 4networking meeting (every fortnight)”