How to feel 100% more motivated at work

My main drive is my wife and daughter. They keep me grounded, they keep me happy and keep me motivated. The way they help me is through something really simple … a photo. They sit on my desk at work and if I’m having a slow day, a mid week hump day or just notContinue reading “How to feel 100% more motivated at work”

What is your biggest challenge in business right now?

How can I help you? I’m not selling anything in this post. I’m simply wanting to find out what brought you here, what it is you like the look of in my photography and how can I be fo service to you either now or in the future? Best way for me to serve youContinue reading “What is your biggest challenge in business right now?”

Brand new website launch – Tim Los Photography in Yorkshire

Brand new website launched today.  I am offering a special discount for visitors who book a shoot in August 2019.  Please leave a message with your contact details to let me know how it looks and runs on your operating system. Hope you are all having a good summer break. Visit and let meContinue reading “Brand new website launch – Tim Los Photography in Yorkshire”

Inspirational images – by Tim Tadder Photography

It’s not very often I get a bit jealous of someone else and their shooting style but on this occasion I’m a little envious. Tim Tadder is an American photographer who specialises in Advertising photography.  I came across his work by accident today (whilst looking around Google) and it was his underwater series that caughtContinue reading “Inspirational images – by Tim Tadder Photography”

4sight @ Batley 4N by Lifeline PA Alison Rothwell

Alison Rothwell from Lifeline PA did an amazing 4sight at 4N Batley on Friday morning giving us all ingenious ways to help improve our work flows, work smarter, become the ultimate detective before you meet a future client, be able to clock your hours digitally so you can keep track of hours spent on aContinue reading “4sight @ Batley 4N by Lifeline PA Alison Rothwell”

Wakefield 4N 4Sight this Friday

I’ve been asked to do my 4sight on mobileography again but this time at Wakefield on Friday morning. I’ll be posting location onto here later on when I can get onto the forum to remember where it is (it’s been one of those weeks and it’s only Wednesday). If your coming remember to bring yourContinue reading “Wakefield 4N 4Sight this Friday”

My Mobileography 4sight @ 4networking Batley

So today I did my second 4sight (second of the week). My first was at Castleford 4N at Birchwood Farm Hotel on Tuesdsy talking about my underwater photography and my journey to taking photographs underwater. Today’s 4sight was about mobile photography, how to improve your images taken from a small phone and what you canContinue reading “My Mobileography 4sight @ 4networking Batley”