Inspirational images – by Tim Tadder Photography

It’s not very often I get a bit jealous of someone else and their shooting style but on this occasion I’m a little envious. Tim Tadder is an American photographer who specialises in Advertising photography.  I came across his work by accident today (whilst looking around Google) and it was his underwater series that caughtContinue reading “Inspirational images – by Tim Tadder Photography”

Swimtime underwater shoot booked Saturday 4th July @ South Milford Hotel

Yep its all confirmed and have people already booked in for the event. I’m doing an afternoons shoot at South Milford Hotel on Saturday 4th July from 12.30 onwards. If you’d like your opportunity to have an amazing underwater shoot experience, let me know by calling or texting me on 07932 711395. The shoots areContinue reading “Swimtime underwater shoot booked Saturday 4th July @ South Milford Hotel”

How does experiencing something change your perspective as a photographer?

I got asked this very question about a fortnight ago at my 4sight presentation in Castleford. Well the answer to me us that depending on what the experience is it allows you to understand deeper meanings and emotions. My experience that changed my perspective was falling in love and getting married to the women ofContinue reading “How does experiencing something change your perspective as a photographer?”

Swimtime underwater photo test

Here are the test shots from my first shoot with Swimtime swimming lessons at South Milford Hotel in Sherburn. I’ll be doing a shooting date with them in June. I’m doing a bargain deal for shoots in association  with them.  For more info get in touch. “Keep smiling and keep diving!” Tim Los Photography YorkshireContinue reading “Swimtime underwater photo test”

Cup of tea after a LONG day :S

The day started out as normal for a Tuesday, going to a 4N meeting (Castleford at the Birchwood Arms) except today i was doing my first 4sight on my underwater photography. I then met with the Miss Scuba South Yorkshire dream team to discuss a few shoot with them and former Miss Universe (as youContinue reading “Cup of tea after a LONG day :S”

Shooting with Swimtime swimming classes in July

Very happy to say that after my meeting and pool shoot at South Milford Hotel I’m going to be doing a days underwater shoot with them in the next couple of  months as well as doing other work with them in the future.  A very productive meeting. Thanks to Sam for meeting up and lookContinue reading “Shooting with Swimtime swimming classes in July”

4N 4Sight by Tanya Lloyd Photography

Managed to catch a lovely 4sight by Tanya Lloyd Photography from Glossop. She showed us her early work as well as some of her current wedding work. She also helped introduce members into the basics of composition and considerations when using mobile phones to take photographs. I’m glad I was able to make it along.Continue reading “4N 4Sight by Tanya Lloyd Photography”

How to shoot underwater fashion and swimwear – part 1

My first commercial underwater shoot was with Sandstorm Luxury Swimwear at a pool in Skipton (Rendezvous Hotel). It was also the largest shoot as far as logistics were concerned (up to 20 models / beauty pageant nominees in total). It was also my first shoot using an underwater strobe (flash gun). Before this shoot IContinue reading “How to shoot underwater fashion and swimwear – part 1”

Sandstorm Devon Underwater shoot (accomadation) -SouthCombe Cottages, North Devon

I can’t recommend SouthCombe cottages enough to you. It was such a lovely stay. Chris and Jonquin were the best hosts ever. Couldn’t help you enough(including bringing breakfast to the cottage and leaving it in the kitchen ready for you). The facilities are wonderful and clean and each cottage is very unique. If you areContinue reading “Sandstorm Devon Underwater shoot (accomadation) -SouthCombe Cottages, North Devon”