How to feel 100% more motivated at work

My main drive is my wife and daughter. They keep me grounded, they keep me happy and keep me motivated. The way they help me is through something really simple … a photo. They sit on my desk at work and if I’m having a slow day, a mid week hump day or just not […]

Why I care?

This will sound like a crazy thing to bring up but stick with me on this one. Have you ever wondered what someones driving “why” is and what is the importance of knowing what it is when your a customer looking to invest time and money into something? Lets put it this way, if you […]

How to shoot portraits after covid

So for anyone who wonders how a photographer can still take beautiful photographs whilst adhering to social distancing and best practice please click HERE to see a full article.

What is your biggest challenge in business right now?

How can I help you? I’m not selling anything in this post. I’m simply wanting to find out what brought you here, what it is you like the look of in my photography and how can I be fo service to you either now or in the future? Best way for me to serve you […]

I’m back with bang

Sorry for my absence for a while. I have been busy with the family and work. Having had a couple of years away from social media I’m now commiting myself to start posting once a week at the very least. I’ll be talking about the challenges of getting back on the horse and riding off […]

Inspirational images – by Tim Tadder Photography

It’s not very often I get a bit jealous of someone else and their shooting style but on this occasion I’m a little envious. Tim Tadder is an American photographer who specialises in Advertising photography.  I came across his work by accident today (whilst looking around Google) and it was his underwater series that caught […]

Christmas party event photography

Want something to cheer up an event over Christmas, get people talking and have to share on social media after the event to promote that an event happened? Well look no further than Tim Los Photography There are packages to suit all, no matter what size your budget or capacity.  We can also offer […]


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