Why I care?

This will sound like a crazy thing to bring up but stick with me on this one. Have you ever wondered what someones driving “why” is and what is the importance of knowing what it is when your a customer looking to invest time and money into something? Lets put it this way, if youContinue reading “Why I care?”

How to shoot portraits after covid

So for anyone who wonders how a photographer can still take beautiful photographs whilst adhering to social distancing and best practice please click HERE to see a full article.

portrait white backdrop – capturing memories

Brand new website launch – Tim Los Photography in Yorkshire

Brand new website launched today.  I am offering a special discount for visitors who book a shoot in August 2019.  Please leave a message with your contact details to let me know how it looks and runs on your operating system. Hope you are all having a good summer break. Visit and let meContinue reading “Brand new website launch – Tim Los Photography in Yorkshire”

Inspirational images – by Tim Tadder Photography

It’s not very often I get a bit jealous of someone else and their shooting style but on this occasion I’m a little envious. Tim Tadder is an American photographer who specialises in Advertising photography.  I came across his work by accident today (whilst looking around Google) and it was his underwater series that caughtContinue reading “Inspirational images – by Tim Tadder Photography”


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