Quick question? Please post a reply

Im just curious, as I see in my stats that I’m averaging 500 views s month on my blog. What do you think to my content, my work, do I post relevant interesting stuff? How did you find out about me? I ask as I have had views from USA, Mexico, China. What drew youContinue reading “Quick question? Please post a reply”

Wedding preview – Graham and Hazel

If you were one of the lucky ones to share the special day of Hazel and Graham at the Cedar Court in Harrogate the folder of their images are at the following link: Graham and Hazel’s Wedding photography folder by Tim Los Photography If you can not use that link please go to http:// http://www.timlos.comContinue reading “Wedding preview – Graham and Hazel”

My 4N 4Sight in a fortnight – using your phone to take better photographs

A fortnight on Tuesday ill be doing my 4sight on phone camera tech snd how to get the best out of your phone. I’m going to be going overt basics likes best apps to use and cleaning and caring for your lens as well as how to take better panaramics  as well as lots more.Continue reading “My 4N 4Sight in a fortnight – using your phone to take better photographs”

4N 4Sight by Tanya Lloyd Photography

Managed to catch a lovely 4sight by Tanya Lloyd Photography from Glossop. She showed us her early work as well as some of her current wedding work. She also helped introduce members into the basics of composition and considerations when using mobile phones to take photographs. I’m glad I was able to make it along.Continue reading “4N 4Sight by Tanya Lloyd Photography”

Wedding day a year ago -always book a professional for your wedding photography

A year ago yesterday we got married. How time flys. I love the photographs from our wedding shot by Tom Poultney Photography and his assistant. It always makes it easier to create great natural images when you get on and trust your photographer. Always remember that your wedding days is one of the big daysContinue reading “Wedding day a year ago -always book a professional for your wedding photography”

4networking @ Wakefield breakfast

We had a great meeting Friday. Lots attended and we had a great 4sight about animal healing. I’ll add the speakers name on here when I get her business card out of folder(but i do remember her furry business assistant was called “Bear” and is a champion show dog (that was to clarify i amContinue reading “4networking @ Wakefield breakfast”

Our wedding anniversary

A year ago yesterday me and my dear wife Rebecca tied the knot in Rufforth (east York). It was an amazing day and the most relaxed I’ve been at a wedding in over 10 years of professional work. Why was I relaxed I might hear you ask? Well I was marrying the one person IContinue reading “Our wedding anniversary”

Drone -New to the Tim Los Photography fleet of tech

Yep, after many years of thinking about it and researching it I have finally gone and purchased a drone for doing FPV (First Person View) Aerial Photography. I had a massive dilemma on my hands, do I go BIG to hold my pro DSLR and look to fork out thousands, go small and then haveContinue reading “Drone -New to the Tim Los Photography fleet of tech”

Wedding photography completly shot on a drone – no photographer present

Surely this can’t be true.  Although the concept i must admit would be pretty awesome. I’ve heard there is a wedding photographer out there somewhere who shoots his weddings on his drone and can operate the whole thing from his computer at home. So he isn’t even at the wedding. Just his drone! Would completlyContinue reading “Wedding photography completly shot on a drone – no photographer present”