Welcome to my wedding, portrait, events, social and underwater photography blog. It is still in its very early stages of development so there may be some glitches, but please bare with me. I have been a professional photographer and film maker based near Leeds, in West Yorkshire for over a decade. I have been passionate about everything photographic and film since the mid 90’s.

I have been a scuba diver since 2004 and after a brief break from diving I am currently training to be a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor through Scuba Leeds and training to get my Commercial certification for filming and photographing underwater using scuba. I love everything underwater and photography based and without any doubt, the best decision I have made is to start to take photographs under water using my Canon 5D mk2 in a Hugyfot waterproof camera housing.

Transfering the business to below the surface has been the most natural organic process ever. Using the Hugyfot housng it is like using the camera everyday above the water. Its a very natural intuitive system. What this means for my client is that they a photographer with a decade of industry experience and the only additional instruction I have to give is in relation to working around water I.e. remembering to hold your breath (you might laugh but some people do forget).

I am so at home under the water that the results I have been getting already have been taking my breath away and that is even before my clients get to see the results. Get in touch to book your underwater shoot at a pool near you. I am currently working from John Charles Pool in Leeds and the Rendezvous Hotel pool in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

To view my main website or to order photographs from a shoot you have been to go to Tim Los Photography website

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