More than meets the eye

Tim could tell you that he has been an award winning qualified professional photographer since 2005, a lecturer for over 10 years, vlogger, film maker, memory maker, problem solver, motivational speaker and leader to name a few.

The real Tim is a father, husband, son.

Tim helps women who are looking for someone to capture their families at their lowest and highest times of their lives.

Families who are looking for an affordable, professional photography experience that will stay with them in their hearts and on their walls for many years to come.

Interesting fact: the average age of a family photogragh in your home is between 5-7 years old.

Tip from a professional

Stuck on How to take the perfect selfie that will make you look a million dollars using your mobile photo?

Click HERE to view a recent Facebook Live where Tim dives into the Top 3 ways to take better holiday selfies.

What’s Tim like to work with?

Customers say he is caring, trustworthy, loyal, creative, a great listener, chief problem solver, out of the box thinker and most likely to be found talking to the eccentric at any event.

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