Why I care?

This will sound like a crazy thing to bring up but stick with me on this one. Have you ever wondered what someones driving “why” is and what is the importance of knowing what it is when your a customer looking to invest time and money into something?

Lets put it this way, if you went to a vet with your dog and you were given the choice of two vets; one that didn’t make eye contact with your dog, didn’t stroke it or try to settle it down when it got distressed (time is money) or a vet who spent time making sure you dog felt calm, talking to him, giving him treats or tickling his belly before doing what needs to be done, which would you choose to go see each time?

I use that as an example as we had that exact experience with Trilby, but he now goes to a vets that really shows care and compassion and love in everything they do and he is alot happier about visiting the vets.

Now if you flip that onto me and why I operate like I do, its because I have had bad service myself. As such, I treat people exactly how I would hope and expect to be treated.

So when it comes to portraits, I will spend as much time as I can making sure everyone is happy, relaxed and comfortable. Even before I became a dad, kids always seem to get me, or maybe I get kids. There is no shame in looking like a fool infront of kids if it helps them relax and start to enjoy themselves.

My daughter is a good case study for this. She knows that if she is looking for someone to hang onto like a monkey, be bounced around the room upside down or make stupid noises, then I’m the guy for that role.

I’ll be adding testimonials shortly from previous clients who will confirm I am at least 49% silly whilst always maintaining my professional edge. Families at weddings often leave grandparents somewhere near me as they knew I always have something nice to say, can talk to anyone and can put anyone at ease. It’s my super power.

Key points to remember.

Your values are nearly always linked to your why.

Caring – it is just in my nature. In another life I would have worked for the Samaritans.

Valued – everyone wants to feel valued for what they do and a thankyou or a high five go along way to make people feel included and loved.

Trustworthy – this is a big one for me. If you don’t have anything to build upon.

Honest – falls under the previous point and is often under leveraged.

Respected – this is without the BIGGEST one for me. Without feeling respected then you truly can’t have worked enough on any of the above. You can shout to get someone to listen but they won’t respect you. IF however you gain their trust, prove that you care.z

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