Swimtime underwater shoot booked Saturday 4th July @ South Milford Hotel



Yep its all confirmed and have people already booked in for the event.

I’m doing an afternoons shoot at South Milford Hotel on Saturday 4th July from 12.30 onwards.

If you’d like your opportunity to have an amazing underwater shoot experience, let me know by calling or texting me on 07932 711395.

The shoots are all affordable (compared to other underwater companies) and there is going to be amazing flexibility during the shoot to capture whay ever you want. Whether it’s shots of the kids jumping into the pool mid air, or posing like a mermaid.  The shoot it directed completly by you.

To book in contact me direct or message me on this page and ill give you a call back.

If you are a non Swimtime member that is not a problem as we can add you into the section near the end of the shoot.

The cost of the shoot also includes swim time in the pool before and after the shoot. You’ll also be briefed in detail about what to expect before, during and after the shoot.

“Keep smiling and keep diving!”
Tim Los Photography Yorkshire


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