Cup of tea after a LONG day :S


The day started out as normal for a Tuesday, going to a 4N meeting (Castleford at the Birchwood Arms) except today i was doing my first 4sight on my underwater photography.

I then met with the Miss Scuba South Yorkshire dream team to discuss a few shoot with them and former Miss Universe (as you do each day). I then made my way over to Keighley to see my family (mums birthday – flowers, card and presents – check – helps with the good son credit) followed by my second to last night class teaching Digital Photography. Then finally the drive home in the rain and finally getting this nice cup of tea at half past midnight. Of to bed once I’m chilled with my Sleep Easy Tea and then it can all start again tomorrow -ROCK AND ROLL! 🙂

“Keep smiling and keep diving!”
Tim Los Photography Yorkshire

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Helping business owners and families to look GORGEOUS online and in print. Based near York, Leeds, Yorkshire, UK. Established in 2004.

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