4networking @ Wakefield breakfast



We had a great meeting Friday. Lots attended and we had a great 4sight about animal healing.

I’ll add the speakers name on here when I get her business card out of folder(but i do remember her furry business assistant was called “Bear” and is a champion show dog (that was to clarify i am taking about a dog and not someone else stood anywhere near her.

It was interesting hearing about all the ways you can  heal through both touch and feelings. Also that the speaker cant heal anyone who is close or emotionally close to her. That must be really hard when you are unable to help those that you love the most.

Also alot of healing is much deeper, emotionally through the way you act and feel. Animals are sponges for emotion, so if your feeling down your animal shares the pain with you. So remember, always be happy and your animals will be happy too.

Keep smiling and keep diving 🙂

“Keep smiling and keep diving!”
Tim Los Photography Yorkshire


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