Boom -apparently my stats are up


Thanks to some tips from #Socialsam at the 4networking meeting in East Leeds last Friday, I found out that in order to help improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) I need to post more, make more use of #hashtags and write about things people might want to read about (do cats in hats not count as a point of interest?).

Well I’d like to talk briefly about Social Sam, what he does. Then about an audio book I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their image on Facebook.

Finally ill say a little about Claire Mackie who I have to thank for been painfully honest and telling me how terrible my online presence was around 2 months ago when we had a late night chat about what I was doing wrong.


So @SocialSam is an online social media guru. He had a 4sight slot at the meeting and went through current predictions for the year.  These included the division of Google+ into its desperate parts. One part which I’m going to be using alot in the near future is Google Hangouts. It’s a great way to create webinars for free and works across all computers, iPhone and Android devices.

It’s quick and slick and easy to set up. I’m going to be doing my first Hangout in the next week or so. I’ll be doing it on photography technique, how to setup a camera properly and what to think about when taking photos on your phone. If your interested drop me a message via twitter @timlosphoto.

If anyone needs any social advice (I’m afraid I don’t think he can help you find any new friends if you don’t have any in the first place) please drop @socialsam a message and tell him you heard about him through me. 🙂


So onto the book id recommend.
Gail Z Martin “30 days to social media success”. I got it as an audio book first as I hate reading but found it so useful I ended up buying the kindle version as well so I flick through certain sections.

It takes you through a 30 day plan to improve your social media standing in the world. Broken up into 30 chapters (one for each day) the sections are approx 10 mins long.  They begin with a review of what it is about, then gets into the meat of the task before finishing off with a review of the task you need to complete.

I found it a very easy book to follow and made me realise what social media gold I have been missing out on over the years. Alot of it can be done from your smart phone, any time, anywhere (even whilst your on the loo). So I couldn’t recommend the book highly enough.

Finally Claire Mackie. If you need someone to cast an honest eye over your website please get in touch with Claire Mackie. She can be found on LinkedIn / Facebook and Twitter.  She will help turn your site around.

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