What is your biggest challenge in business right now?

How can I help you?

I’m not selling anything in this post. I’m simply wanting to find out what brought you here, what it is you like the look of in my photography and how can I be fo service to you either now or in the future?

Best way for me to serve you is to offer a helpful ear, be here to help you talk out any problems you are having and how I can help you overcome any problems.

Whether your struggling with low self esteem, confidence, self image dysmorphia, anxiety, stress or just not liking how you look and feel in your own skin.

Are you not able to land that dream job over and over again because you are worried that others are better than you?

Do you feel like you are hitting dead end job after dead end job, one after the other, wondering when you might get out of the loop?

Check out the next post where we will talk about mindset, confidence and how to land the dream job.

Brand new website launch – Tim Los Photography in Yorkshire

tim los photography logo twitter

Brand new website launched today.  I am offering a special discount for visitors who book a shoot in August 2019.  Please leave a message with your contact details to let me know how it looks and runs on your operating system.

Hope you are all having a good summer break.

Visit http://www.timlos.com and let me know what you think to the site.

I’m back with bang

Sorry for my absence for a while.
I have been busy with the family and work.

Having had a couple of years away from social media I’m now commiting myself to start posting once a week at the very least.

I’ll be talking about the challenges of getting back on the horse and riding off into the sunset.

I’m going to be looking at new photography tech out on the market as well as posting some previously unpublished work.

If you have any questions or you’d like some advice on anything photo related, drop a message after this post or email me at timlosphoto@gmail.com

Heres to a new start and a bright future for all.
Keep smiling!


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Inspirational images – by Tim Tadder Photography

It’s not very often I get a bit jealous of someone else and their shooting style but on this occasion I’m a little envious.

Tim Tadder is an American photographer who specialises in Advertising photography.  I came across his work by accident today (whilst looking around Google) and it was his underwater series that caught my eye.  Called Fish Heads it’s a series of underwater portraits that just feature the heads of people plunged just below the surface.  The lighting is lush and the use of refraction from the surface of the water is just outstanding.  Will be getting back into the pool to do more underwater work thanks to the inspiration from Tim Tadder.


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 16.57.01.png

Christmas party event photography

2015-11 TimLosPhoto382015-11 TimLosPhoto37 2015-11 TimLosPhoto31 2015-11 TimLosPhoto32 2015-11 TimLosPhoto33 2015-11 TimLosPhoto34 2015-11 TimLosPhoto35

Want something to cheer up an event over Christmas, get people talking and have to share on social media after the event to promote that an event happened?

Well look no further than Tim Los Photography www.timlos.com

There are packages to suit all, no matter what size your budget or capacity.  We can also offer photobooth experiences as well the location studio set up.

You could also buy an experience for a friend?  Can you think of a better present for someone than to be able to say you have got them their own personal photographer for the evening?

Vouchers can be purchased HERE

Babies and familes – portraits captured in the comfort of your own home

2015-11 TimLosPhoto23 2015-11 TimLosPhoto20 2015-11 TimLosPhoto19 2015-11 TimLosPhoto18 2015-11 TimLosPhoto27

Beautiful child and family photography by Tim Los Photography of Sherburn-in-Elmet

I also work in the Leeds, Harrogate, Knaresborough, Ilkley, Keighley, Skipton, Selby and greater Yorkshire area.  For more info go to www.timlos.com or to get hold of a voucher in time for Christmas go HERE

Portrait vouchers for Christmas not socks – will last longer and WILL put a smile on their faces

2015-11 TimLosPhoto10 2015-11 TimLosPhoto25

Click HERE to get your hands on a voucher for just £20 to give to a loved one.  You can’t go wrong.

Students year two end of year Art Photography and Graphics show




Words are not needed for this. If you’d like to see the end of year show it’s on until the weekend down at Mabgate Mill in Leeds. Well worth a look. A mixture of photography, stop frame, video, graphics, art, illustration, modeling, moving art and much more.

“Keep smiling and keep diving!”
Tim Los Photography Yorkshire

Swimtime underwater shoot booked Saturday 4th July @ South Milford Hotel



Yep its all confirmed and have people already booked in for the event.

I’m doing an afternoons shoot at South Milford Hotel on Saturday 4th July from 12.30 onwards.

If you’d like your opportunity to have an amazing underwater shoot experience, let me know by calling or texting me on 07932 711395.

The shoots are all affordable (compared to other underwater companies) and there is going to be amazing flexibility during the shoot to capture whay ever you want. Whether it’s shots of the kids jumping into the pool mid air, or posing like a mermaid.  The shoot it directed completly by you.

To book in contact me direct or message me on this page and ill give you a call back.

If you are a non Swimtime member that is not a problem as we can add you into the section near the end of the shoot.

The cost of the shoot also includes swim time in the pool before and after the shoot. You’ll also be briefed in detail about what to expect before, during and after the shoot.

“Keep smiling and keep diving!”
Tim Los Photography Yorkshire

4sight @ Batley 4N by Lifeline PA Alison Rothwell



Alison Rothwell from Lifeline PA did an amazing 4sight at 4N Batley on Friday morning giving us all ingenious ways to help improve our work flows, work smarter, become the ultimate detective before you meet a future client, be able to clock your hours digitally so you can keep track of hours spent on a project (I’m going to be using this to track time spent on Photoshop and some of my teaching time).

If you would like to get in touch wuyn Alison directly to do with anything relating to virtual PA work please context her at @lifelinePA

“Keep smiling and keep diving!”
Tim Los Photography Yorkshire

Wakefield 4N 4Sight this Friday

I’ve been asked to do my 4sight on mobileography again but this time at Wakefield on Friday morning.
I’ll be posting location onto here later on when I can get onto the forum to remember where it is (it’s been one of those weeks and it’s only Wednesday).

If your coming remember to bring your charger with you as you’ll be using and abusing your mobile for my 4sight (no mobiles will be hurt in the lesson by the way).

See you all Friday.

“Keep smiling and keep diving!”
Tim Los Photography Yorkshire

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