Social distance portraits 2020

First of all, just to take the worry out of portraits during these changing times, here are a few things you need to be aware of.

I love my daughter, my wife, my parents and extended family. So I ensure that any shoots are carried out in the safest most considerate way possible.

Having being a professional since 2004 there have been many challenges thrown at me but this has to be the biggest. If you’re happy to trust that I have your welfare and care at the heart of everything I do then you can be rest assured you’ll be able to capture images to celebrate making it through 2020 and beyond.

Photography is always done at distance even before covid as I believe it is my role to observe and capture the real you not encroach on yours and your families space.

We only live once and as such we should capture these moments that will be talked about for generations to come.


Having lost friends and loved ones over the years, the one thing that you have to hold onto are photographs. They capture the souls and freeze a moment in time for ever.

We can not allow recent events to stop the creation of heart warming images that will be blown up and hung on walls for years to come.


The plan for your shoot is simple and these may change as rules change.

Shoots will be outside only, in local beauty spots where there is space for all to participate.

The camera will be tripod mounted and a set of locations chosen.

For this example I will use a two grandparents, two parents and 3 grand children as an example.

I would shoot this in 2 parts and then blend all together in post production.

The scene is woodland with a large tree in the middle of the shot.

Grandparents positioned together on the left side of the tree on their own. The shot would be taken.

Then the second shot is of the parents and grandkids on the right of the tree facing towards the tree.

These two shots are blended together in post production to give the impression of the whole group together in one shot.

How to schedule your shoot?

Send a text message or use the Tim Los Facebook link at the bottom of the page to find out about pricing.

The Facebook page will be kept up to date with plans and availability.

There are currently two dates available: the second and fourth Saturday in July.

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